Scripts and add-ons mainly for web-designers

This page contains scripts and add-ons which I wrote as solutions for problems, for which I could not find a decent solution on the Internet.

Table Master - CSV to HTML Table Converter

Table Master creates HTML tables from CSV data files. The tables can be formatted using any valid HTML format or CSS style definitions.

Table Master is not a click-and-run program but a tool for hand-coding web designers. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is indispensable! The configuration is done manually in a cfg file using any text editor.

Diorama Viewer

Diorama Viewer is an HTML5 player that can be used to animate panoramas created with a panorama-stitching software. Additionally it can play a sound file either as underlying music or as an explanation of the image.

mobile browser emulator (Chrome extension)

With this extension for Google Chrome web developers can test mobile, and in particular responsive, web pages on their desktop. Just select one of the most common mobile screen resolutions with a single mouse click and the page of the active tab will open in a separate window.


pageFinalizer is a small command line tool that simplifies and automates the maintenance of web pages and integrates into common HTML editors such as RJ TextEd, Notepad++, PSPad or SciTE, in fact, most HTML editors including WYSIWYG editors.

Its main features are: inserting code automatically from include files, the ability to use HTML variables and the reduction of file size by removing comments, dispensable blanks and line breaks from html, css and js files.

Orthospell for SciTE

For updating content on web pages, I prefer the simple and fast SciTE Editor to more powerful HTML-Editors. As spelling errors on a web page make it look unprofessional, a spell-checker is a good thing to have.

The existing luahunspell, however, could not meet my demands: it works with English only and does not support UTF-8, which is now standard for web pages. That's why I added the missing functionality to luahunspell and named the result Orthospell.